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How does Ontario compare?

“Working together to create the best cancer system in the world” is Cancer Care Ontario’s vision. Is Ontario succeeding? To find out, national and international data were compared against Ontario’s results. The selected findings presented below identify where Ontario is doing well and where improvements are needed in relation to other jurisdictions.

A note on jurisdictional comparisons

  • This is the ninth year that the Cancer System Quality Index (CSQI) has showcased international comparators for Ontario’s performance.
  • Here Ontario is compared with selected jurisdictions, in most cases because they have healthcare and data systems that are similar to those in Ontario, and because the way they measure participation is similar to Ontario.
  • Ensuring there are comparable data and measures from multiple jurisdictions is a challenge. It is wise to be mindful of the different data definitions, methodologies and years that are used for indicators measured outside of Canada. The design and context of other organized screened programs may also be different than those in Ontario. Cross-jurisdictional comparison is still useful, however, for providing a rough indication of how well Ontario is doing compared to other jurisdictions.

What aspects of cancer are we comparing?