• 45%
    of breast cancer patients went to emergency or hospital after adjuvant chemo in 2011
  • 42%
    of colon cancer patients went to emergency or hospital after adjuvant chemo in 2011
  • 80%
    of chemo visits were supported by Computerized Prescriber Order Entry in 2011
  • 32,000 patients
    were discussed at Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences in 2012
  • 1.1 million
    Ontario women aged 50–74 were screened for breast cancer in 2010–2011
  • 81%
    of cancer surgeries were completed within the target wait time in 2012
  • In 2012
    72% of patients accessing Diagnostic Assessment Programs got help with anxiety/fear while having hospital tests
  • 98%
    of outpatients expressed a high degree of satisfaction with their care in 2012
  • 2.6 million
    people were up-to-date with recommended cancer screening tests in 2011
  • 43%
    of cancer patients visit emergency in the last 2 weeks of life
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The diagnosis is when cancer is first identified. Determining how much cancer there is and the location of the cancer – staging – helps the oncologist determine the best course of treatment for a patient.

For further information, see also : www.cancercare.on.ca/pcs/diagnosis/

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